Gentilini, la tradizione e il successo dei soliti biscotti

Tra crisi economica, concorrenza, acquisizioni, un’azienda di biscotti √® riuscita a superare 125 anni di storia puntando sulla tradizione. Gentilini, biscottificio simbolo di Roma, ha saputo affrontare momenti difficili come le guerre mondiali e la crisi del 1929 seguendo un processo di cambiamento lento ma costante.

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History of Teff

Teff is thought to have originated circa 4000 BC. Its seeds were found in an Egyptian pyramid that dates to approximately 3300 BC. In fact, teff was so revered 55 centuries ago, they placed with pharaoh’s in pyramids as their “last food.”

Supposedly, the name Teff is derived from the Amhraic word “Teffa”, which means “lost”, to show that it is something difficult to trace. Again, Teff is the tiniest known grain in the world.

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A Brief History of Barley

Barley originated in Ethiopia and Southeast Asia, where it has been cultivated for more than 10,000 years. Barley was used by ancient civilizations as a food for humans and animals, as well as to make alcoholic beverages; the first known recipe for barley wine dates...

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Spelt History

The history and origins of spelt are somewhat confused and complex. There is evidence that spelt was cultivated by ancient civilizations both in Europe and the Middle East thousands of years ago. It is mentioned in the Old Testament and in various Roman texts. Carbonated grains of spelt have been found throughout …

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Buckwheat history

Common buckwheat was domesticated and first cultivated in inland Southeast Asia, possibly around 6000 BCE, and from there spread toCentral Asia and Tibet, and then to the Middle East and Europe. Domestication most likely took place in the western Yunnan region of...

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A Brief History of Beer

Many of us, at least once in their life, wondered about beer origin. Now we want to show you a brief history of this famous drink, beloved in the whole world since 4000 BC. Timeline 4000 BC In the middle east the Sumer people were fermenting a form of bread to make a...

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